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May 19, 2013
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Goodyear Highway Patrol built by Columbia...Sturmey Archer Hub says 66 so guessing its 1966.
As you can see the gear adjuster chain is just hanging on. Is the one in the pic good for this?
They all look similar.....guessing spin off coupling to disconnect from cable then pull out or
spin out of hub???


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The chain on the picture looks like it is for SACHS hub for me, i think SA has bigger thread on it.
But honestly, i never had luck guessing with them, i usually just get a few and try which one fits. There are at least three different threads and two different rod diameters existing.
When I change one of those, I add light oil in the axle first for the threads and to get more oil in the hub.
Will take apart tomorrow...yes, the one in the pic has 6 links and the two I will get have 5 links.
I think mine is 5 links.
No. the AW TCW3 hub uses the standard indicator rod used in the AW hub.

One trick to thread the new one in is to lay the bike down on it's left side and let gravity help get the rod in to the threads. Shoot some oil in to the axle first. Finger tight only then back it off a partial turn to line up with the cable. That keeps it from binding.

Be aware that the TCW hubs had problems. The braking force changes in each gear and the NIB (Neutral In Between 2 & 3) will disengage the brakes completely if not adjusted just right. SA had 7 versions of 3 speeds with coasters and they all have issues. They never seemed to get it right. Kinda odd when we know the AW model was so popular and durable despite it's NIB flaw.
Both will work so either one remember oil first and when attaching the cable put it in second tighten the barrel till the shoulder it's just sticking out I use the tip of a flathead for reference. Use the same size cable and put the cable stop in the same place you can find tune once you get rolling. It's also good to flush out the hub with wd40 ride it a bit then put oil in
Ok, so I got the gear indicator...too short. Tried adjusting cable on frame to compensate and while doing, cable came out of twist grip shifter.
Just a bare end on it with no stop, jammed it back in, comes out every time I try to adjust. How can I get the hub to stay in 2nd gear without
using cable or chain indicator. Seems to be stuck in 3rd......can't have that. 2nd gear only would be ok.


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I hardly think it's 'stuck' there, but it is true those hubs seek 3rd gear as a natural position. Pulling on the chain should cause it to shift into the lower gears, respectively. I suppose one could wedge something in the chain to hold the 2nd gear position, but honestly, replacing the cable with an unbroken one is probably just as easy and more reliable.
Ok, just don't see how the cable stays in the twist grip shifter...don't know which one to get and if there was an end on the cable......
might stay with this...maybe a shorter screw.


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ok, so looks like the ball came twist grip looks a little different,, will show when I get a chance...thanks.
Got another screw in there, think I am in 2nd, I know it's not 3rd! Rides nice. Am fine with single speed
Only for cruising neighborhood. Thanks for the help and suggestions. Who knows,maybe someday will want the gears......


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