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Jul 2, 2015
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Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
I intend to enter pretty much every build off the comes up...and have failed to start every time but once, and failed to finish that one :doh:.

So, here is 'failure to launch, pt deux!'

106385_482717029736f568530616b831ddb081.jpg of the three is a lock :nod: ... two of three is undecided :39: ... and there is always the possibility of going three of three :41:.

I'm going to start this build-off by going camping Thurs-Sun, so there will be no progress this weekend :grin:.
Tons of potential there RG! Looks like it's in really good shape too. I've always wanted to build up one of these, to use as a second vehicle!
RaT oN~!
Lol noFX wrote the story of my life:

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Procrastinate, we're professionals

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