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Id like to see it go back to one

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Was just about to post something similar, I'm struggling to even
check out every bike, let alone comment on them all, how will I
vote, will need a couple of weeks to sort that out!

Anyone else struggling??????
I like so many for so many different reasons. .I'm not sure I can narrow it to 3. May have to draw 3 of my favorites out of a hat
My plan is to vote for one bike I'd most like to ride, one most awesome overall build, and one old paint classic. :39:


:39: Ok, that didn't help much. :crazy: :rofl:
Every time we get to the voting part I think this is harder than building the bikes , there are some great bikes in this years line up , not sure how to pick only 3 as there are so many that deserve a vote , as long as every one knows that this was a great Build Off 10
My first build off so I don't have a comparison....but man the bikes here! I have 27 pics saved of my favorites so far and just looked at them to try and narrow down...tough! I still wonder about categories for builds....have 3 categories and vote for one in each. Of course we would have to vote on what the categories would be......
I know I have a lot of favorites in mind, but I can't keep up with the updates on the finished bikes yet. It's gonna be a blur until I can breath and let all of the wicked coolness sink in next week. Voting is always just as hard as building. New and old, I am always blown away at what is created during Build Offs!!
For me the process comes down to looking at all the finished photos and adding to the list of bikes I already have been following during the buildoff and going through their build thread. I have been voting for the past 3 years and by this time I usually have roughly 25-30 favourites. At this point I kind of split the builds into 2 categories (one for the truly awe inspiring builds, and the other for builds that I would love to own). Some builds fit into both categories for me, but I try to vote for one from category A and two from category B. This takes hours of my time on RRB to come up with my top three but looking back at my votes from previous BOs I am still satisfied with the bikes I ultimately decided to choose. Also, the time taken to really read each thread of the bikes I am considering is fair considering how much time, effort, heart, and imagination each builder put into their build. I always find it challenging to come up with my top three, but those three earned my vote. Thanks to all the builders again this year.....whether or not you finished, it's all about the ride along the way.
As of the close of "finished" thread, I have narrowed my "A" list down to 7 builds. :rolleyes:
I also downloaded pics of the 7 bikes - keep comparing them... :20: ARRGH! They are all so great. Going to be really hard to narrow it down to 3. :eek:
I'm not sure how to vote for only 3. There are so many awesome bikes. I'm not a person that is set in or like only one style of anything which makes it even harder. I will add that this is my first bicycle build off. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved in alot of things, groups, clubs, built a ton of stuff with a ton of people from all over and this group is one of the most welcoming and encouraging groups I've been involved with . I'm already planning and looking forward to the next one. Everyone should be proud of the community and group you've created.
Now back to checking out all the amazing bikes and trying to pick 3....
I don't vote for myself, mainly because that's just weird, but if I did that leaves only 2 actual votes and there's way too many nice bikes this year to waste one on myself. I did manage to narrow it down to about 8 or 9 but then I go back and look again and I see one I missed before then it screws up everything and I'm back to 11 or 12 again. Ugh!! :headbang:
Its very hard this year. There are a lot of bikes that appeal to me and one that i didn't think would but really tugs at my heart strings.

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I seriously like them all, I can pick something that I really like from each bike. So this is going to be tough!
Just looked through the gallery, wow it's going to be tough to narrow down to three. So many great looking bikes and trikes!

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Yeah, there are a bunch of builds that I think deserve recognition, but with only three votes to award, won't receive mine.
I also agree about not voting for my own bike... that always has seemed weird when people do that.
There is so much work that you don't easily see in the finished pics. But since most of us have followed each others builds, we know it's there. It makes the decision that much harder.

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