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They had some floor stock. Again the BSA bit.
I've hit the return stage. Or about to.

Waiting another day for the top coats to cure, but the tyres are now back on the wheels - and I'm happy enough with the results all-round.

Close inspection reveals the neglect the bike has suffered, but for a budget rodding-resto its OK.

I'm sick of sanding spokes though. X 3.

I thought Super E should be red.




WD-40, You're soaking in it.
What a beauty!
This afternoon I fitted the Suntour derailleur. Cabled it up, adjusted, and it downshifts perfectly - but the gap and size difference between gears changing up are simply too much for it. Exacerbated by the fact there are no cable stops.


So after due diligence - it's now running single speed on the middle cog. I'm happy with this too, Rat-a-tat dontchaknow.
Tension adjustment works with the horizontal dropouts.

The other impediment to gear changing is the axle is slightly bent (I think) - because the freewheel does the orbital thing worse than just being threaded on.

But this will work Jim Dandy. But I might get a bling-er chain.


Another upshot is I would have put the decals in the wrong spot If I persisted It's gonna be scary fun for a while.

I might try and restore the Simplex derailleur down the track - but I still don't think it would work.
That is a super clean and lean machine!
Looking good! Really like the design of that rear axle assembly.

Shifting would probably be better with stops and less housing to compress. Compressionless housing might help as well. Gears are a nice feature on a heavy trike.
I’m curious enough to help solve the derailleur issue. Unless you have given up.

What is the model number of both the original simplex and the replacement suntour?

What chain are you using?

How many teeth are on the 3 speed freewheel cogs?
Thanks gents,

24 teeth on the big cog. It had a 1/8th chain on it - and I had a new one in stock. And yep, I think that's the main issue.

But then the new cheapie crankset is 1/8. A 3/32 chain would mean different cranks, no?

I'll check numbers.

It all lined up and the travel was plenty.

I haven't give up, but I think for now I'll ride it for a while to see if it needs the effort. I do like the simpler look too.

Chad, yes - gears would be better - but it's also pretty flat where I would be riding it.

A few test runs will see. I used Mars braided cable with a solid core.

I did look at clamp on ones - but they are stupid-expensive for an already blown budget.

Test rides will see.
I have been searching the web on this topic and I cannot find much. I did read that most 3 speed freewheels use 1/8 chains. So I do not think that is your problem.

I am wondering if it is a compatibility issue with the new derailleur? Did you happen to take a video of the issue?
We have liftoff.

Still some work to do - but It's ride-able and is as much scary-fun as I expected - it certainly needs both front brakes as until I get the mojo for riding it, there is some low speed 'careening' involved. Sometimes gets a mind of its own.

For now 2j I'll rebuild the original Simplex with new jockey wheels and give that a try. No hurry though - it works as a single speed pretty well - I went down four teeth on the front. And at this stage I don't need it to go any faster.


That's a beauty!
Can't wait to see it in your next TRIathalon!