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JC Higgins Flightliner Rat-Price Drop

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Oct 3, 2015
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Denver, CO
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Am selling my Higgins to put funds into other projects. Not original, ratted out a while back. Have it listed locally in Denver but figured I would try listing it here as well, see if anyone wants it. Hoping it doesnt get parted out, but know how it goes sometimes. Definitely a little rough around the edges, sanded half the tank at one point to start a custom paint job that never happened... Asking $250+shipping from 80220 PM for more details, have a link to local CL ad with more pics.

Late 50s higgins flightliner
Original tank w/metal bezel
Original rack, chainring, and guard
Sun Singltrack rims-Chrome
Sealed bearing track front hub
Original Komet Super coaster rear hub-with spare for parts
3pc bmx crank w/sealed bb
Odyssey twisted pc pedals
Geax Roadster 26x1.5 tires
Wald middleweight fenders

Was working on a newer brighter headlight system. Has halogen bulbs installed and the switch is there, needs to be wired and battery installed. Now that LEDs are out I gave up on the halogen and want to swap them out.

A great rider, and fun bike to have in the collection, just want to move onto other projects.


keep the rubber side down!
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Bumped, Dropped the price, am moving into my van at end of month, need to thin the herd.

keep the rubber side down!
Van life is awesome, I miss it.
I know right! Spent a couple months last fall working in Moab at Moab Cyclery, living in the van. Now its a twice a year thing, going back in the end of Feb-Memorial Day, than back again next fall. Love that place!

keep the rubber side down!