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Jul 6, 2023
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Kent, UK.
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I'm Vic, from Kent, UK. Long time Bmxer, mountain biker. Basically anything with pedals.

I stumbled on this forum a little while ago and become a bit of a lurker, admiring some of the builds from afar.

I've always fancied a beach cruiser type of bike, to cruise up and down the seafront where I live.
However I spotted a Nirve Switchblade on here, and fell in love with them.

It was a build by sfcycocustom, as soon as I seen that I had to have one myself.

So I'm happy to say I found one I was happy with and bought it yesterday! Made the seller an offer, and he accepted! I haven't collected it yet, that's on Sunday.
But I'm super excited to get my hands on it and start tinkering.

If anyone has any info on the history of these bikes, that'd be great. I've noticed most of them have a disc brake up front, mine doesn't.
Which I prefer as I feel it adds to the look of the bike.

it was imported from America in 2013, originally grey with a brown seat.

Anyway, enough from me for me.
Heres a couple of photos.

Your at the right place well help you make that bike your own
Thanks dude. First thing was to correct the bar angle as even looking at them made my wrists hurt.

I'm just trying to find places in the UK for parts now. Tyres, rims, etc, etc.
Seems to be a lack of places for parts here.