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but I've got a lot more in mind.
I'm shivering...
Great job on the frame!! And the paint job is looking fantastic!!
Thanks brother. You know me, over the top or nothing. Fixin' to hit it with the paint pens and maybe some marbling paint... The disk back wheel is what has me freaked out, it's gotta have one. a front mag would be a sweet find but I'm not holding my breath. There's been some great suggestions, I'll just have to try and make one.
Paint is nowhere near done but I wanted to see a 700 on the front with the chrome fork and newer bars. There's not as much forward lean but I'm betting it would ride better with the original geometry.
Fixin' to spray some primer but there's a couple spots on this frame that I just love the stripped out paint...

Same colors but I'm flipping the scheme around some... Kaiju.
This time no sharpie no paint pens. Well, very little. I did like highlighting the brazing ashon the lugs with the gold metal paint pens and the little heart shaped weld ons looked good painted to contrast.

Now I am thinking about tires. I have a few floating around in the stash. Some skinny little 700x28c Bontragers and I have some white Kendas that are staggered 38c and 32c I think. I also have a few oddballs like the redwall 38c WD but it's in pretty rough shape and it's mate is bald. So maybe I need a new pair...
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PIP. Now I can lay down the stripes to let the watered black peak thru the next layer.
FYI. I got the frame wet then sprayed the paint on the plastic bag I had placed on my hand. Then I gripped the frame multiple times repeating the spray on the bag as needed. Paint was black tint so probably helped the "see thru".
Man there's a lot of junk in my garage...
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The masked 1/4" wide swirl is on the top tube and the down tube. Hoping to highlight the marbling. I liked the seat tube as is and just did some ghosting on the chain stays and top quarter of the seat stays. Tomorrow I peel the mask off and I hope, lay on a ton of Duplicolor Effex.
Now do I ghost the white bars a bit...
Went digging and found the other one I have. A little different, the eagle's eye and the tip of the crown. It's thicker too and a bit more scratched but no big cut in it, just old rivets.

I'll see if it will polish up better.
I started putting Kaiju together today. I need to pick up some shifter cable....

Also the Bontragers are 27 x 1 1/4 and I don't have an alloy front rim here in any size... I have to check my boneyard crosstown. I do have chrome in 700 but I'd rather be on alloy. I may yet end up lacing something for this.
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Can't run brake cables if you don't know where they'll start. Where should I mount the handles? I see 3 possibilities...

Vertical on the Specialized grips, under the black risers or under the shifters. Any thoughts on what would be correct? The nice handles I have will fit either position on the black. I'll have to dig up some bigger ones if I go up under the white bars.
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The position that most TT bikes , dedicated or clip on, have the brake levers is under the end of the main bar facing down, so you can easily switch between bar end shifting and same position braking. The extension is just for that wide open, top speed aero position.

These bars are the closest example I could find to yours. Notice how the brake housing is run under the tape for a really stealth and clean look.

carls bars.jpg

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