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Sep 14, 2013
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Bradley Illinoiz

I'm calling this pic "pack a lunch"
King Kaiju is mostly a Nishiki with some extra Schwinn tubing, 12 speed nothing too fancy, quick enough considering the length of the chain and even though it's lightweight by stretch standards it's gots some heavy bars and over 8 ft of chain. I'll see if I can get it weighed tomorrow at work. I'm thinking I'll ride it in.*

LINK to the build.

I did...*
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what I started with and day one of the build process...

Goodbye to last years Kaiju and the second build I ever did here in 2014? The Difference Engine. I figure if you ain't riding them they're fair game to get chopped on or parts raided from (or both!) The final frame actually looks pretty close to what I laid out on the floor...
Wow that turned out great! Colour fits the build very good.
I am interested in the weight to be honest. Like you mentioned, usually cruisers and stretch bike are pretty heavy.
I'm guessing 35 lbs or so, it's ridiculous how light it feels. My old Cannondale is almost 30 lbs with some heavier parts added like the straight bars and the suspension seatpost. It doesn't feel much heavier. My Planet X is like 25 lbs so I've got an idea how heavy but I didn't get it weighed today at work and I don't have a bathroom scale to drag out to the garage...
I can't decide which picture is best!!!
I think the paper bag kickstand is distracting in the current first picture. The "qualifier" picture shows off the length and the bars and the frame details best:

But my favorite for pure style of the image is this one on the railing