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Suhhweet! Man I love them Holy Rollers, got 3 bikes running `em right now.
My clunker.

An unknown frame....






It does indeed refer to having to repack your coasterbrake.


I don't bomb this bike too much, so I have a reminder...
Oldschool - very cool frame. Post over at vintagebmx or bmxmuseum to find out.

Bendix- Nice build
Wow....oldschoolcolo....that frame rocks.

From the crazy double top tubes to the looptail....what an awesome bike. :wink:
It's laced cross-4, stainless spokes, and an aluminum rim painted black. The hub is a Bendix made in Elmira, NY and has a cog that screws on and gets a left threaded lockring. After looking at the Bendix diagrams on here I figured out that it's period correct for a 1952 Schwinn.

I'd like to re-do this for the Klunker Build-off but my plans are bigger than my wallet. I could sell my old school BMX stuff, it's not that desirable to me, but it's cool.
Bendix said:
i guess i'll post a shot before this thread sinks to the bottom of the page! part of the drivetrain will be donor parts for the kbo, then it gets a remodel of it's own- truss fork, inch pitch, morrow hub.....



i love this bike and wouldn't change a thing on it....
krusty klunker

yikes! even after the build-off 'klunkerz' is about to drop off the first page! this is all i've got left..........

prewar rollfast(?) frame. original paint + bonus layers :) another bendix, wald dog leg crank (@175mm!), sugino ring, vp kkt style pedals, sturmey-archer drum.....

Here's a note from Billy Savage...

Hey All,

I know it's hard to believe, but KLUNKERZ is still out on the film festival circuit. Not only that, but occasionally KLUNKERZ picks up an award. The Boulder Adventure Film Festival's slogan is "Make Your Own Legends" and that's the award they gave KLUNKERZ. It's quite an honor.

Next up is the 17th Annual Endurance Sports Awards at Marine World in San Diego, CA. It looks like Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly will be joining me there. The ESA is a pretty big deal and I'm very honored to be the only cycling film included in the film festival program besides BREAKING AWAY. Wish us luck. Thanks to all of you who have supported me on the long ride home.

Happy Holidays to all. And don't forget, KLUNKERZ makes an excellent stocking-stuffer!

Ride on,
Billy Savage