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So clean. So simplistic. Just looks comfortable and fast sitting still. I love everything about it

I do hate the butt stripe from rear tire splash (😂) and that is the only time I would ever advocate for having something on the rear but in those cases I much prefer just a simple clip-on splash defender over a full fender

Thanks Captain
I haven't been able to do any spraying as the weather has been miserable. Fortunately we're getting a couple of nice days starting tomorrow.

I have decided to fit the fenders as I originally planned but will remove them later. I also ordered a lay back seat post as the top tube is shorter than most of the cruisers I ride.

On another note, the reproduction luxury liner frame I was going to use for this build off looks to be heading my way. :)
The repop frame will be cool for BO18. Meanwhile the build you have right now is awesome!
I was hoping to get the rear fender painted this morning but the rain came early and will persist for a few days.

The layback seat post arrived in the mail so I got it fitted. The bike now feels larger but I also like that the angle of the bent section closely matches that of the top of the truss rods.
Love the CWC frame choice. Bike looks like it’s ready to do business. Clean, efficient build.
I hope the skirts are still in play.....really dug those on here.
Yes, but only on the drive side. The rear stays on the Trek frame are almost 2 inches shorter than the Elgin the skirts are from. The left side will not work at all. On the right I made it work by shortening it near the dropouts and covering a part of it with the chain guard.
Love the CWC frame choice. Bike looks like it’s ready to do business. Clean, efficient build.
The black cwc frame you saw in a recent post is the frame I was originally going to use for this build off. The frame is a 1998 Trek Cruiser Classic. The photo below is as I found it last year, a complete original bike but a sad sight with its whitewalls painted in household oil paint!
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I got the rear fender painted and fitted both guards. The only issue is a little chain rub just below the cutout in the fender when applying the rear brake. The fender is made for a 52 tooth sprocket and I fitted a 44t. I may try massaging the cutout a little rather than fit a bigger sprocket.

I’ll fit the skirt guard tomorrow.


Adding the bold white accents; rims, tips and tails, truss rods, chain guard design; really added to this build 'look'!

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