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Nov 22, 2011
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Grand Rapids, MN (USA)
The Lead Sled is dead.

I didn't think I would enter a bike this year after I gave up on the Sled. Then, I went to the annual local Car Show/Swap Meet...

I found this beauty!

I was in love, and got it for a pretty fair price!

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I removed the original crank and added the wheels, tires, chain and crank that were intended for the Dead Sled...she was already a rider! Then, I remembered the Packard chain guard that I had been saving!

It was grey primer, and it just wouldn't do. I hit it with a good coat of red oxide, then, took some low-gloss black and misted it over the fresh primer until it blended with the existing patina...

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Kick it into high gear!!!!
Great score!
The chain guard was a great addition. But, it needed something more... I didn't want to add fenders, I was digging the look I had going. But, it needed something behind the seat. I had a rear rack off an old Elgin that I decided would be a good fit...

It was just begging for a headlight too! Luckily I scored a vintage Grote dealer display with some great pieces a few years ago. But, even though it was old, it was too nice and new looking...

Then, I used the same process from the chain guard on the rack, and then reversed it on the light...I found the grips from the donor Huffy to tie in the wheels and tires as well...

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Nice additions, but you gotta lose the wheel reflectors
Cool long hair hippie seat!
Thanks for the good vibes, everyone!

Time to tie in those pistachio rims a bit more. Mixed up some matching paint at work today. Got it all masked off and prepped.

Tried a few new things with this one. First, I didn't want to have to work the rust around the tank rot too much, so I put some grease around the areas where I wanted heavy rust showing. I should be able to just wipe it off when it's dry. Second, I added baby powder to the paint to try to reduce the gloss so the aging process will look more authentic.

...just waiting for it to dry now...

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