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Sep 13, 2006
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southern PA
in this sad little pile is most of what one would need to cobble together an ersatz Schwinn Fastback...

I bought the frame/fork and some accompanying hardware (see the first two pics in this thread) last summer because I was jonesing for a Fastback, but soon after that I acquired the copper-tinted pile that became my entry in last year's MBBO, A Penny Saved. This one gave up its shifter for that one, and then what was left was relegated to the basement. I have been picking up parts for it little by little, and now we are at the point that there is most of a bike there. I would really like to lay a halfway decent spray bomb paint job on this one. Not sure if this one will even get off the ground, much less across the finish line, but if I enter it here, the odds get a little better because now I feel obligated to do something with it...
C'mon c'mon c'mon... Do it. Spray Bomb might be the missing name too...

Setting this one aside for another build-off. I wouldn't exactly say I've lost interest in it, but I'm not feeling it right now. I will eventually revisit this.

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