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Ride it like you stole it.
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Apr 26, 2020
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My off road and skinny bike builds are done and for a while I thought how cool it would be if I could slam a bike together for the Muscle bike class too.

I've had this late 60's Typhoon frame for over 10 years and recently used the fork, seat, handlebar and wheel set for my Speedliner. I have never entered a completed bike in a build off using this frame however I believe I have built it at least 6 times and this will be the 7th comeback hence the name a bike named Lazarus.

This morning I was thinking how I could meet the class rules as I don't have a banana or polo seat but then remembered I bought a 24" Electra Hawaii by mistake off Facebook for $30 late last year thinking it was a 26". I only realised my mistake when I went to collect it and still bought as it was in great condition and will suit my 7 year old daughter in a year or so.

I will use the front wheel from the Electra and combine it with a similar wheel and tyre from a 26" Electra. I'll begin pulling the other parts later today and hope to get it slammed together by Friday.
typhoon 1.jpg

typhoon 2.jpg
Nothing radical going on here. I painted the front tire with tire paint and used another tire I already had for the back that was black. I’ll sort out the chain, shifter and grips tomorrow.

I’m undecided on the full length guard and will fit this short black one tomorrow to see if i like it.

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Fitted up the short rear fender which I prefer over the long chrome one and a LED headlight. Rides smooth on the squishy low pressure knobby tires and more than enough braking power from the Nexus 3. Lazarus is done.

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Some of the previous builds using the same Typhoon frame.


This was version 2. Version one had the original fork which was bent, different wheels, handlebar and tires.


Version 4. Now 7 speed Nexus with roller brake, Maxxis skinwall tires, 3 piece cranks, SE fork and Truetorch bars. Version 3 was almost the same but with the red tubular fork from version 2.


Version 5. Red Menace fork, 3 speed wheel set, black Maxxis tires, Schwinn stem and saddle and Sunlite bars.


Version 6. 60's Corvette fork, reproduction truss rods, Apehangers, $20 Araya/Nexus wheel set, Brooks b67, S&M Speedball tires and Odyssey Triple trap pedals. This version rode the best.


Version 7. Lazarus rises from the ashes yet again as a muscle bike wannabe.
Be interesting to see version 8 with a 700c skinny up front🤔
Not sure if it would look cool or terrible?
I do like the 26 24 combo👌
Be interesting to see version 8 with a 700c skinny up front🤔
Not sure if it would look cool or terrible?
I do like the 26 24 combo👌
I like the 24 up front too. Today I picked up this weird German brand step through with 700c rims. It has a Shimano dynamo hub up front and 7 speed out back for $50. May try those wheels soon. Pumped up the tyres, took it for a quick spin and everything works.



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Lazarus recently lost its battle to survive as a muscle bike as I needed the 24” front wheel originally from an Electra I had set aside for my daughter.

I currently have a mate building a new wheel set using the high flange Schwinn front hub salvaged from Outcast, a CB110 coaster from a parts bike and a pair of reissue Araya 7X rims.

When I got this bike years ago it had a bent fork and over the years with all the builds it has been through, it has had at least 6 different forks on it.

I bought a blue Corvette fork last year and finally decided to have a crack at painting it and fitting it to my trusty old Typhoon. I also bought a candy red spray pack online in the hope it would be a decent match for the factory paint on the frame.

First, I primed it in red oxide primer. I let it sit for a few days to cure before spraying the silver base coat and then finally the candy red. I didn’t bother with a clear coat as it would have been too glossy. Last of all, I rubbed it back with 1200 w&d to remove the orange peel and then buffed the paint back with a mild Meguiars cutting compound.

The color is a little darker than the factory red but close enough. Lazarus’ 8th and hopefully final reincarnation should happen in a week or so.


The 24” front wheel I had on Lazarus came off this Electra Hawaii I picked up last year for $30.


The Electra Hawaii after its rebuild.




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