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Jan 21, 2009
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Zambales, Philippines
Build thread:

30 Mar 24 a.jpg
30 Mar 24 c.jpg

This is a salvaged recumbent frame made to be as comfortable as possible on a small budget. The most expensive part is the 3 chains needed to make it work.

The rear rim is 26 x 1 3/8ths and the front rim is 20 x 1.25. The tires are 26 x 1 3/8ths and 20 x 1.35. The hubs and BB have sealed bearings. The rear has a 7 speed cluster. The front wheel is laced in a 4 cross pattern and the rear wheel is done in a 2 cross pattern.

The rear hub brake is a band brake, oversize at 90mm. The second rear brake is a regular caliper brake. There is no front brake. Rider pegs were added because it's customary in the Philippines.

The seat is a kitchen chair mounted on a steel plate which is held on with u-bolts and rear struts.

The chain tensioner is for a motorcycle. The paint is gloss black with gold splatter, finished with 2 coats of clear coat.

The chain ring has 52 teeth. The frame lugs were painted with gold paint, trimmed with a silver paint pen.

The rims were laced with gold spokes.

A cell phone holder was added and a shifter is mounted low on the handlebars. The cable wasn't long enough to reach higher, it was already 7 feet long. The handlebars were painted to match the frame.

The salvaged frame had no fork, so this 27" lightweight fork was ordered from China.

This how I found the frame (minus the wheel) at the bottom of a stack of unused frames in a junkshop here in the Philippines.
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This my indoor bike now. No need for a snack tray or drink holder, as the workbench can hold plenty of refreshment. Any size pizza can go up there. It's within reach along with the music box. I use my phone and home wifi to play music off youtube while I pedal. The big fan keeps it cool most of the day. The footpegs had to come off to fit the trainer.
02 Mar 2024 trainer.jpg

I calculated the speed it would go if on the street, with the 52 chain wheel and in high gear with the 14 cog. At 100 rpm cadence that's 28mph! By my calculations of course.:21:

On the trainer I wound it out and it sure looked like 28 mph!
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you know what? I would ride that and have a blast, I'm not a recumbent type of guy but yer I would ride that, well done l dig it, and secretly I think at least one of those smaller pegs should be on the rear wheel of bikes, I can't tell you why, it's just a feeling