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Here's my first build back in 03. A NoName type1 chopper frame. Welded in some spider web because it was the thing back then. Also made my own tank and sissy bar. I bring it out on Oct.31 every year and have some cool LED lighting under the tank. It makes the web really show.



i never compleatly finished any of my choppers, but here are their end points

stretched wcc


the one i've had the longest. 24x3 on the rear makes derailleur gears hard to run. i got frustrated with it and if i go back to work on it i mean to strip it all off and make it a single speed or go with internal gears if i luck into some for it. have a couple of stock ones also, but you know what they look like.

the one i want to be my main chopper, if i ever get back to it


i guess if i had a bike new years resolution it should be to learn to build wheels. i mean to go from 20x4 to 24x4 on the rear (and 24 to 26 on the front. done already), but i can't build wheels and never seem to have the extra cash to have it done. i have the hub and rim, just need the spokes and some know how to go back to work on it.

one called a west coast limited i picked up sometime last year. i just got it 'cause it was a decent deal, around $30


changed the handlebars, spliced in the forks from a 26" mountain bike so i could use the 26" wheel, have suspension and have a front brake (don't really like the a fat front wheel and wanted front brakes for gears), added some springs from a springer seat to the stock one, three speed shifter for planned gears (another have the hub but can't build the wheel deal), and added two water bottles that look like exhaust cans (the frame had a shape that looked right for it).

there a few other's but they're more like bobber and other type bikes. not quite choppers.
Wow, Cool sprocket were did you get it :shock:

Probably the easiest bike I've ever done. Traded "yeshoney" some parts for an old 20 inch Rollfast tandem. Just added some parts, fabbed a seat post, put the running gear from a West Coast Chopper. That's it. It was Extremely comfortable. But now, member Peterbuilt, "returned" it back to a kid's tandem for his daughters. Like I said, EASY build. But pretty effective.

ratcycle said:
how did u build that suicide brake? Love it

The brake "pad" is simply a piece of aluminum angle that I bolted to the shock mount, the lever is bolted through the frame so it's within easy reach and then I just measured how long the arm needed to be to get full throw. It was all aluminum from the scrap barrel at work. Works way better than I thought it would.

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