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It's the 1st already? I was in siesta mode...
Good luck everyone,let's have fun.
Only just noticed the name of this thread group: "BUILD OFF 10 - YEAH BABY!"
Very cool!

I can already feel the excitement building on the site, I am refreshing the "New Post's" page continually, watching to see who will be next to post!!! :crazy2:

Glad to see so many international builders jumping in already.
Glad to see so many international builders jumping in already.
There is one member missing still though King! I know he does not always turn up straight away, but looking forward to when he jumps in!

Where are you @Jake Sensi?

Nice start with 26 builds so far.
I am sure Jake will eventually get out of ninja mode once everyone else Gets To Buildin.
Man, not even 24 hours and lots of posts to go through.

I've been skimming through all the build off threads and have something to say about each one, but if I posted each comment I would be stuck in front of the screen for hours.

Got to take my little girl out for her B-day first, but I have to at least say that there are a lot of awesome stuff that everyone has been posting.

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A good mix of frames and ideas so far,a few motorized builds are in,a couple of builds in stealth mode,a few chicken flyers.
This one is going to be a roll of fun.
Got to get with it. I know there is a way-kool rustafarian-ized idea tucked away in the grey-matter....just need to ease it out! Thinking about a crazy stretched out , hammered out cross between a Colson Clipper Double Eagle and a Elgin Bluebird. Fabricated panels, skirts, fenders, all with primitive tools,...snips, clips, screws, with some crazy lighting...?
40 builds