Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

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thanks, I was inspired by the old Diamondback Harry Leary edition. Pissed off the purists though when I stripped it from factory original to what it is now. If my Klunker build turns out to be a great cruiser I may revert the Axis back to original for my collection of early 90s MTB only time will tell.
You’ve come to the right place for defilement
Haha why did you hold back?
Sweet bike, love the gusset at the head tube. Are the dropouts rear facing? I might need to see some more pictures...
I haven't decided on a seatpost, and I tried to change the headset but I ordered the wrong size. DOH! Yes, they are rear facing dropouts, that's what caught my attention. Attached is a picture from the Facebook Marketplace ad that lead me to it.


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