Let's see your Pashley Guv'nor style bikes!

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Hammond Eggz said:
Thanks - that pic's in the first post. :wink:

With all due respect compadre, if you look closer you will discover that your image is of the regular Guv'nor. My image is of the Guv'nor plus four, with two speed kick back coaster, Schlumpf two speed cranks and plated lugs.
My apologies, I didn't notice the difference - and here I thought somebody else wasn't paying attention. :?
For those that have missed my new thread, here's what I ended up doing:

I'm really lovin' this style! Anybody else have one???
Thank you -
And actually, it's kind of a metallic root-beer brown. I really like the match to the tires and leather stuff.
This is kindof a cross between a club/path racer, and a Superbe/roadster, based on a Raleigh Competition GS frame. Nervex lugs, Huret dropouts, Reynolds 531, and a big ol dent in the top tube. If I took off the fenders, flipped the bars, and put on some creme Schwalbes, it'd be very much like the Pashley Guv'nor.. except $1300 cheaper, and about 5 lbs lighter.

I had a chance to check out a Guv'nor in person, and was honestly disappointed. It looked like they'd taken a Raleigh Sprite, given it a gloppy black powder coat, a bunch of "ok" parts, and a Brooks saddle and Cinelli stem. I will say this, it does attempt to revive a very useful, versatile, simple style of bike, and it does try to modernize it where applicable. I just think they could have done as well as all the other great bikes in this thread. :shock: :D


ej599 said:
Hammond Eggz said:
stepper said:

I'm definitely diggin' this one. 8)

Ditto! Any close ups of that little front rack? Nice touch.

Sure. Here is a better view. Same bike, different set-up.

The rack is a TA Mini Rack that is designed to bolt onto Mafac style brakes.


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