lil' fat rat (name change)

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Re: lil' rat

Markm said:
looks like I can run 20 X 3" tires on this one!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

gonnna change the sprocket and put the guard on and????????
:p :p :p :p :shock: awesome that thing means f en business and what type of light is that ?
Re: lil' rat

a buddy found the taillight at an auction. NOS in the package but I dont remember the brand. The only problem with the three speed is Id have to figure out brakes....might be tricky with the fat tires...we'll see :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Re: lil' rat


threw the springer on the stingrat, swapped out the bars on the black one. Stuck on a headlight and removed the outer sprocket on the crank.

...and a schwinn bag on the bars...
Re: lil' rat

I thought steroids were illegal!........We're gonna have to see about a congressional committee hearing on this bike! :lol: ..........LOOKS GOOD!
Re: lil' rat

:lol: :lol: :lol: is "beefy"!!! Kinda wondering what the fat tires would look like on the mags... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Re: lil' rat

sensor said:
nice! bet youve got some black tuff wheels somewhere huh?
suprisingly no...I swapped the only black ones I had for some other stuff... :roll:
i think this is the first bike that may be able to beat up karfers cycletruck! :shock: :shock: :wink:
thanks all...moparmayhem, I have a hub with disk and caliper and maybe the lever if ya wanna trade somethin...

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