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Dec 21, 2008
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lo cal
well, my kit showed up the other day. looks like some assembly required. no instructions in box.....
got the frame stripped down all the way & cleaned it up. really starting to like it :D

actually found this crank/pedal set at the swap meet a couple months ago, before i even bought the bike. gotta love the swap meet. may use different pedals. gotta paint the cap...

not sure which bars to use....
skyrider said:
That frame looks great!!!!! :D

Yes it does! thank you very much.
think i'm gonna cannibalize this old star cruiser i've had in the house for the last 10 yrs or so. been using it for a stationary bike.

i like the h/d old school wheelset.
BankerRAt said:
What did you strip the frame with?
i've been using bar keeper's friend liquid cleanser

i use it right out of the bottle, scrub with a toothbrush and wipe it off. finish it up with a wax job. i don't even use steel wool anymore. this stuff is terrific.
so we got someplace else's weather last weekend = winter storm with heavy rain & high winds. actually very nice, i like some weather. also a good time to be garaging. got this far w/ bike. gonna stick with my original idea - cafe style bike. very similar to bigjon's, but his is on a whole different planet. i even had a set of triple clamp forks lined up, but decided to go another direction. am having a lot of fun on my first build, this could get habit-forming. got a few more ideas brewing :idea: . can't wait for a nice weekend day and take er for a spin. supposed to rain again this weekend. guess i'll get some more done 8) .

been pretty slow @ work this week, so time for other stuff. was gonna throw away this broken pump, but thought it might be useful for something.

picked up this rack, not sure if it will stay.

came home early again today :| so i spent some more time on bike and took it to the lake for first test ride. rode really nice except that i didn't get headset properly adjusted, it was very loose :shock: . maybe there is a thread here on that topic.... i do see a multi-speed hub in the future, with the smaller rear sprocket on wheelset, slight grade could use lower gearing. having lots of fun on my first build, even though it's pretty simple, and fired up on future projects.




this may be final version. had to change "motorcycle style" kickstand to another. didn't work with this frame. too bad.