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TRM tank check, Spaceliner check = RADNESS !!
Hey look, my garage is a mess and I screwed up another bike.
Oh well, I'll run with it....
Keep rolling brother. Looks good to me.
It was probably a bit early in the paint game to do this, but after 4 coats of silver and 3 coats of clear it felt dry enough.

And now you know why it's called little one... you can't type b@$%!rd here.
Lil B !!!!! Love it man!!!! This is gonna be slick!!!

I'm not a auto race guy, and don't know much about this "B" dude; but I know a cool bike when I see one!

Nice work on the tank, and diggin' the theme.

Now GTB so we can see this baby cross the Finished Line! (race car pun intended) :bigsmile:

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