Long Shot, The back alley bomber.

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My house is being repaired from the tree falling on it and I'm staying with my folks. Luckily they have a great work bench. I brought over the Long Shot to get wrenching and take my mind off the chaos.

I finished stripping all the paint, bondo, gunk, rust, etc. Once the frame was clean I sprayed it down with degreaser and gave it a coat of clear to showcase the metal and protect it from rust. Then, I decided it was time to defile some more vintage americana. So I tore down the complete Ladies Monark I got a few weeks ago.

Good news for all of you is that I will be parting out the monark, parts will be on the classifieds in the next few days or so.

I stripped the paint off the double springer fork and gave it a coat of clear too.

I picked up some cool looking simple handle bars at Rouge Cycles (during they're going out of business until winter sale) along with some billet grips.

Here are a few mockups of what it's going to look like.

(taken with a fisheye, not all funky shaped)




I still need to:

rivet the tank
gusset angles (I bought some hole saws for some neato aircraft structurish gussest!)
finish the seat (a little surprise)

I've decided to use the rims and tires from the monark. The front tire is a vintage "lightning dart" even has the indian heads on either side of the title. The back tire is a Goodyear all weather. The rims are solid surface rust. After I remove the rust I think I'm going to paint them an olive green, dark grey, or black. Haven't decided yet. We'll see.
I like the rivets, gusset and most of all the pinup. That takes a "rare" tank and really makes it spiffy
Dude thats awesome oh man. You MUST run a metal seat on that puppy ;D i love it.
Did you weld more head tube on for the girls monark fork longer steerer tube? Looks like it grew some on top.
I went to work on my bike today and discovered my sheet metal has come up missing. I worked for hours getting it cut to size, polished and brushed. I don't have the cash to buy a new piece until thursday, just days before the build off deadline. To make matters worse, my decals came in the mail today, the mailman set them next to the mailbox because they didn't "fit" this would have been fine on a normal day. But today it rained like crazy and my waterslide decals are all ruined. I contacted the post office and they are going to cover the loss but I had to contact the lady I ordered the custom decals from to get more. Unfortunately she wont be able to get me new ones until friday. So angry!!!
Good news, yesterday I found my metal! One of my room mates stuck it in the laundry room. :|

I'll be finishing up the metal tomorrow, all i need is new pedals and the rivets!!!

Bombs Away!
awesome bike! thats a shame about what happened with the decals, sometimes i wonder about the mailman because the same thing has happened to me before, except with books and not decals.

can't wait to see this thing finished! :D
Decals came in yesterday too. Just in time!!! I had a wicked idea for the siren. Spare speedo cable + crazy mounting = MADDNESS!!!

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