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Jun 9, 2010
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Yuma, AZ
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Building up a bike for my wife. We traded a crappy walmart mountain bike for this schwinn fiesta some time back. She rode it back and forth to work until the front wheel bearings locked up and cracked the hub. When that happened I stripped the bike and got it ready to redo, but then it sat.


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Powdercoated disco purple. Black base with big purple flake over that. Starting to put it together. Going to take parts off a couple other bikes to build this one.

This isn’t going to be a show bike. A lot of the original chrome is wore out but I’ll make it look as good as I can without rechroming parts.


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Trading a Wally World bike for a real bike is always a smart decision. That purple flake is going to look great in the sun.
Bought some lowrider purple grips but I didn’t realize how soft they’d be. They don’t want to stay on. I need to buy some fenders and whitewalls then I’ll put the wheels on. I’m using some 26x1.75 aluminum wheels off a newer schwinn cruiser. The seat isn’t staying... I need to find something cool. I’m using a wald adapter seat post though to fit regular non schwinn seat to it.


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I have the tank for this bike. It’s been powdercoated the same purple and white. I need to get it from the painter next week (hopefully).
One thing I had not thought about was that these modern wheels have bigger diameter axles. I should know better, but forgot about that till I went to put the front wheel on. Oops! I had to open the slot up a bit with my rotary tool. The tank seems to have gotten a little warped. I am still messing with it to try and close up the bottom seam. Doesn't look bad though.

I'll try to post a better photo next time I have it outside. I want to add a nice headlight and tail light. Other than that, maybe a rack or two, but it's pretty much done. Rides super smooth.

I will probably change the tires to white walls eventually. Right now it has 26x2.125 schwinn typhoons on it. I kinda want to put these back on my bike after I paint it.
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