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Absolutely! The question now is........."So whats the brick for?":21:

I assumed that is what came from Mrs 68z27 when she saw her brand new saw there. :D
I mocked up using the cruiser fork and it looks way too wide to provide the crank, chainwheel and foot clearance needed. The amount and location of dimpling needed may seriously compromise the strength.

I then took apart the rear suspension section of a mongoose to check for width (clearance), tire spacing and length from seat tube to dropouts. this may work but will need quite a bit of filing and fab because the spacing between the seat tube and tire decreases as you approach the midpoint between the chain stays and seat stays. Safe welds will also be a challenge.

My last option (I could think of) is this fork I found, also buried in the armadillo dirt pile. This may be my best bet. Crank clearance, tire spacing only slightly narrowed and strong enough stays to negate a tube extension from the seat tube to the down tube that was popular on some models back in the day.....

Funny you should ask.....I have 2 names in mind that are variations of themselves (whaaaat?) - My wife and former high school teacher says if something is "jacked" it is messed up. Since the chainstays are going to be raised, and the front suspension fork is going to be messed up, I was thinking of
1. High Jacked
2. Jacked Up

3. the 3rd place name got smacked down so fast I ain't even gonna mention it.....no, no, no, o_O
So these are the 2 names I am throwing out there for comments, etc.

I guess it is obvious now that the direction of building is raised CS in back and fubar'ed front fork for design/build - neither of which I have come close to doing and the fact that at 10:30 at nite, it is still 88F in my garage which truncates work time...........🔥
I like 'Jacked' or 'Jacked Up'.

And 88° at 10:30 pm. Oof.🥵
I'll probably go with "Jacked Up" but internally I'll be thinking "Jackass". That has a broader meaning to include me also......;)
I have a few ideas:

-Stay Jacked
-High bridges (they call the chainstay a bridge on motorcycles I believe).
-Jacked potato
-Forking awesome (since you are possibly utilizing a fork).

LumberJacked since you have saws and it's jacked up
I'm still working on the chain stays....

The triangular down tube is being problematic as I am used ti visualizing round tubes (Harbor Freight tool)......
down tube profile.jpg

Transferring outline to steer tube while keeping the alignment between the dropouts and the center line of the triangle down tube...
steer tube and droupout alignment.jpg

It took the wheel of death, 1.5" flap wheel, and hand file to get as much depth and correct contour between the fork and seat tube....
fitting to down tube.jpg