Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

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Great shots TBM! :thumbsup:

I'll try to get an actual Macro shot for you today. I've been recycling so far, but you've inspired me to step up my game! I hope that my camera is up for the task. :(
Great shots TBM! :thumbsup:

I hope that my camera is up for the task. :(

Sure it is!
No pro here, but a few things I've learned that might help folks get some clear macro shots:
  • TRIPOD: get one!! A cheap camera on a cheap tripod will likely take better pics than an expensive camera in hand.
  • Push the "macro" button, it looks like a flower.
  • Put the cam in "manual" mode if there is one, and play around with the exposure, "f", and "iso" settings.
  • Fill up that card! Take LOTS of shots. The card on this cam will hold ~200 snaps and I'll often max it out in one session. Out of those 200 shots I'll usually get a few that are decent...but sometimes none!

Im late but i just got it put together and had to share.

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