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Jan 8, 2008
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Oxford, Michigan
This is just a pile of parts, most of which will be used in my build. The fork is from my Boardtracker X build but, I will be making another one like it for this bike. I'm undecided on the seat. The frame, crank, sprocket and wheels are definitely being used. Still need stem, handle bars, tires, chain, and tank.
Sorry, I have about 3 projects I would like to use that seat on. I just bought it from Jerry at Chestnut Hallow. He did not have many mens seats like that but, he has tons of womens seats with the double spring. He even had some of the leaf spring seats for big $$$$.
Making some progress. I got some things sandblasted this weekend. I had a heck of a time getting the old seat post out. Two days of heat and PB blaster! As you can see this will be a tribute of sorts to Maldwyn Jones. Jones was a Flying Merkel racer/rider.
NICE tribute!.........What the heck size are those rims,... 38 inch?......They look HUGE!
Progress seems slow on this one. I have put in quite a bit of time though. Cleaned the rear hub and sand blasted the cog, primed and painted the rims, primed and filled the frame. I need to mock it up so I can start building the fork. I have also started the tank but, I am not sure yet what it will be constructed from. I think wood would be the easiest, vacuum form over the wood, or sheet metal. Never worked with sheet metal before.

I've got the frame painted and color sanded. I still need to lace the wheels (why can I do a 3x but not a 4x :roll: ). I just sandblasted the bobber rear fender and located a seat post to modify. Still working on the tank as well.


Not my first choice for tires but, since I can't find any quick bricks and I don't want to spend $80 on fat franks I guess these will do.

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