(MBBO#05 Class 1) Road King Restore-Kinda (RK squared )

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Feb 23, 2011
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Have had this one for a while - got frame from Jaxon ( thanks ! :) a while back. Been on hold, but since I have a thing for 'import' Musclebikes, had to keep for later.
Best I can find out it's a ' Road King' brand.
Will be a simple rider-type rebuild,with some period parts and some newer stuffs.... details on paint and final configuration to be determined.
Had to toss my hat in the ring this year, need an excuse for a build. ( and had to axe the Screamer, not sure parts needed will turn up in the timeframe or the budget allowance ).
Starting pic.
ps: Class 1 , forgot to add to title, sorry. my bad.
Luke, Can I take that as confirmation it's a Road King?
Luke, Can I take that as confirmation it's a Road King?
RoadKing/Repco/Malvern Star all made very similar bikes there for a while.
I just dug up a photo of my old RoadKing:


Similar dropouts and frame design but I notice yours is not lugged construction...

Would not surprise me if it is Australian, but probably later than the one I had. Can't say for sure on the make...

Looks like a cool one Green Dragon. Good to see another muscle bike guy in the mix.

Luke that looks identical other than it being a lugged frame. Learned about those Malverns during the big build off. Cool bikes.
internet photo,not sure whose bike - this is the one I used as final comfirmation of the manufacture, nonlugged road king, same guard I have as well ( not in my pic ).

You wouldn't have a headbadge, would you Luke ? :)
Might be one out in the pile, I will have a look tomorrow.

No luck on a headbadge, all my RoadKings have decals, and looking back at my old frame it had decals too:


I did find some frames to get pics of though, so maybe you could get some new stickers made?

2016-09-08 15.44.36.jpg
2016-09-08 15.45.21.jpg
2016-09-08 15.45.52.jpg
2016-09-08 15.46.22.jpg
2016-09-08 15.46.56.jpg

Sorry I can't be of more help, can't even find sticker sets on eBay Australia...

Maybe @sharmangasaurusrex could get you pics of their decals too if they still have it?

Luke, thanks for the pics. Might see about getting some made, I imagine the artwork for the king logo might be an issue.
No photo update, but did check and the frame I have also looks to have had a sticker badge, no rivet holes,and one small remnant of a sticker (photo tomorrow).Not much progress, started a mini mockup and discovered a cracked weld on the seat tube so take care of that tomorrow (had to pick up mig gas today).
Not much update, been quite a busy week. Did get the loose seat tube brazed up,no photos though ( misplaced my camera, oops, now found,so will snap some pics of the progress ).
Still thinking on color, I want to do something unusual / modern without going too crazy, lol.
Flat over a retro muscle metalic candy color would be an nice nod both ways..... id cheat a flat laquer finish over a cured gloss urithain. Easy to tuch up and not a nightmare to get right one shot.
Its how we cheated jack luna's chopper into roadster show when required clear on all finished paint. We back taped the scalops and panles then shot "flat" clear over the primer red toned base.
Also helped keep finger stains and grease gas marks off primer.
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Still not much progress this week, been busy with work, and clearing bikes and parts out of the garage bay dad tolerates me using, lol.
Got the broken weld on seat tube brazed as noted, here's pic of progress.

Did do some test spray of a few colors yesterday on the frame, still debating - clear with green flake ? Metallic Copper (Duplicolor I have on hand ) ? or leaning towards a ' black emerald metallic' we have :
Great thread thanks to everyone who contributed. Early frames were lugged and someone made a killer head foil


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