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Been doing more Maxwell Smart spy research (Google) and have discovered that the SmartBikes were made by a Norwegian bike company called Døden Bak Styret or 'DBS'. The company also made muscle bikes back in the 70's and used them as inspiration for the 'retro design' of this Norwegian city bike.

Here's a couple of their offerings back in the day:
The Tomahawk:
The Apache sykkel:
I think the Apache provided the inspiration for the Smart bike.

I'm Norwegian! DBS stands for Den Beste Sykkel or "The Best Bicycle". Døden Bak Styret means Death Behind The Wheel and is a term used mostly as a joke because crashing on a Tomahawk or Apache back in the day "meant death". I've heard stories from friends and family about crashes and people got hurt badly even from small crashes. Often because of the old muscle-bike shift console hitting their privates..:p The Tomahawk and Apache are today extremely collectible here, and one in good condition will often go for 1000$+. Just the seat is about 250$ for NOS. As for the smartbikes, we've had these kinds of rideshare bikes since the late 90s/early 00s, so even if it was not the first, it was absolutely early.