(MBBO#05 Class II) 53' Lincoln Rug Burn

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Haha! I found a seat cover material in neon green.

HAHAH, it looks like a Chia Pet. :giggle: ;) :cool2:
That green shag has a bit of a shine to it. Should look pretty good on there.[emoji106]
Take it from me, MC is a bit of a fabric fiend....with an eye for style that can't be matched! :bigsmile:
Looks great! That stance makes me want to hop on and try to wheelie it as I ride away. Looks fun.
It wheelies SO EASY... Too easy.
Ima need Wheelie Bars to keep it down.

Well I just found way back in post #24 that "I just can't do lime..." Haha. The color has grown on me, it's the flake in it. This is the second time I've used a Testors spray paint on a bike. I've got a couple more ideas yet to try before the deadline... we'll see.

That paint shines in the sun!

I'm sure, much like yours, the photos don't do it justice. The Lime Ice has a sparkle to it and I covered the whole thing in DupliColor Effex which added a multicolor microflake to the white and blended it into the Lime so well. I'm more than happy. Someday I'll be shooting flake but for now this is as close as it gets.

Sweet looking chopper! Nice steerable setup too looks like.

Beautiful job on the paint and it's properly "Carled-up" now with the shag seat.

Excellent offering Carl...:41::41:
I've been looking back over the builds and this is my favorite build of both classes!!! Great build brother.

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