(MBBO#5 Class 1) Huffy Altered Ego

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Finally 28 days after the MBBO5 start I have the frame I've been looking for thanks to CRASH and a little horse trading of parts, I can start stripping paint and prepping the frame. More parts gathered I needed, gonna be a busy week trying to catch up.

The mystery build continues! Looking forward to seeing the new box.:bigsmile:
Sorry Renaissance Man I was so hyped about getting my frame I tore into it and forgot to take pics of the box for you :cool2:

Whew! what a start, I had to remove a rusted in place seat post, after three hours of beating, a can of penetrant, and heating it with a torch I was finally able to coax it out of the frame. Now some repair work is due for the top of the frame seat tube after I bent it up pretty good. Time is a tick'n

Oh man, I am so very sorry it treated you like that. Good thing the clamp will cover that up once you get it in shape. Did you get the clamp?
Yeah I got it thanks, after I told you it moved for me I think I just locked it in tighter Haha. At least I won't have to strip the paint off that area, I burned all the paint off with the torch. :bigsmile:
Got some fab work and welding done, working on stripping tonight.

Can't wait to see the fork on it!
Can't wait to see the fork on it!

You're going to install it backwards, like a WalMart bike?
Wow CRASH figured me out, so now I'm going to turn the banana seat around and mount the forks on the rear so when I ride it I can see where I've been.:21:
Just like most people I can't seem to find time any more but I finally got the seat tube beat into submission and a fender tab welded on. But the paint was something else, the original paint was painted over with two layers of car paint and underneath I found bondo work to deal with. I had to strip the paint 2-1/2 times with aircraft paint stripper because if I would have went at it with just grit blast I would have wore into the metal base too much. So in the pics you can see where I fixed the tube, added the tab, chemical stripped, and lastly grit blasted it. Now that the frame is finally prepped the way I like it, on to paint! :whew:


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