MBBO Top 5 winners for 2020/2021

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Jun 11, 2012
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Visalia, CA
Congrats to all who made it over the finish line with their builds! It's been a tough season for builds, so thank you for participating! The top 5 finishers for the MBBO are:

1st Place: "The Goblin", 1969 Huffy Rail by ... well... me. :blackeye:

2nd Place: "Cheap Copper" by @kram

3rd Place: "CCM Challenger" by @JNOACK

4th Place: two-way tie: "Cherry Bomb" by @JNOACK & "Super Spyder XL" by Crash

5th Place: "White Widow" by @sovericoool
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting! I appreciate that the Goblin took first, but I think we had some really fantastic builds in the mix this year. Congrats to all!
YES!!! It was a good year for completions. Let's recruit for next year and make the muscle bike reign supreme!!! Congrats CRASH. Awesome bikes! And a big shout out to all that participated. Lots of cool wheels will be rolling this spring.
Congrats all around, big thanks to Crash and a HUGE thanks to the Ratrod community! This was my first real build. I stumbled on to the site and was inspired by everything I saw. I decided to jump into the competition with no plan and no experience. Bizarrely I was the first one done (but waited to submit as the second finished bike).

I learned a LOT and have completed sevarl bikes since Desert Danger. And most importantly, as often as I can, I tell people I’m a Ratrodder!