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Apr 19, 2012
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Whangarei,New Zealand
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Got this freebie off a friend that was doing a clear out, sat under a house for something like 15 years, haven't done anything to it except replace the battery in the Sach huret cycle computer (it still works) and checked the wheels, the spokes are stainless as I rubbed my finger along them and the dust/dirt revealed nice stainless shine
That's a sweet deal great price too.
I would ride it alot. For that matter I'd cross country tour on it
Yer I like it and I'm going to try and restore it as original as possible there's rust spots that are borderline cancerous, won't know till I strip it down, luckily all the important labels and branding is free of damage so will most likely will have to blend in new paint, seat, tyres, inner/outer cables and brake hoods will need replacing, and maybe the shifters, other than that everything is original, 200 gs rear derailleur and Sach huret front derailleur not necessary mismatched as some wise folk have said they come from factory like that and patina suggests that to be true but not fussed either way
French company sold to an Asian company with a product sold on the English market, who knew eh
Great looking touring bike from the past. Looks like it might be a 27"wheel? It certainly has all the pannier racks that one would need for loaded touring. Good luck with your new to you touring bike.
Thanks and yes 27in wheels, I've always wanted a touring bike, not sure if it will fit me as I'm 6'2" and may be a bit small, we will see as I actually like a slightly smaller frame than my size suits but either way I will get this into descent condition
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