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Sep 27, 2006
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San Jose
I hope it isn't to late to join in.

I found this RoadMaster abandoned near my work. I love the frame, tank that it is, so I got permission to drag it home and immediately set to stripping all the heavy components off of it. Sorry, no pics of that. Off came the suspension forks, the triple chain ring, the heavy steel wheels, and all the shifting garbage. I lost 25 pounds! ask me how!

I am putting it back together with rigid fork, bmx cranks, and a single speed wheelset. The first picture has the cruiser tires that were on the wheelset, the second has hybrid tires from my wife's old bike.



Next up Paint!!

that is a cool frame
still working on my paint
for my sears three speed
can't wait to see your paint

Ride Hard...
Have Fun...
I got it running, with brakes and everything.
I also peeled off the stickers, a real improvement, and a weight savings to!
Sorry for the night pics, but I think they came out OK.

I like the looks of that frame, more so w/o the stickers.

I think it looked tougher, more SuperMoto, with the fatter blackwall tires though.

I can see that tear in' up the local streets. Nice work.
I vote for the fat tires too. Makes it look.... well....FAT. 8)

Looks much better without all that graphic stuff!

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