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Aug 20, 2011
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Knoxville TN
Anyone else mountain bike here? I'm lookin to get a new bike and was gonna see if anyone had some input or could tell me about their bikes
There's a mtb forum above, doesn't see much action since moved there but there's a bunch of folks on here that mtb I think. Lots of options these days especially with the 29ers which I've converted to over the last year. Built the $$$ full suspension Niner RIP9 last summer but 6 months ago bought a GT Peace SingleSpeed rigid and seem to ride that the most now(tried singlespeed on a 26", but the 29er wheel format really makes it a fun proposition). Have an older Iron Horse 7point3 still ride on occasion that's a 50# beast though.
I guess the first question is what trails are you looking to ride? Haw Ridge or Windrock? The second important question is, how much are you looking to spend? >$800 or <$1200?

As SoCal said, 29ers are the cats pajamas! The larger wheel works great on the trails here in Chattanooga.

Good Luck with your search!
I got back into riding again, I just got a 29 this summer.

After my LBS told me to demo one, I had to have one. I'm riding a cromoly fully rigid Redline 9 speed, Sram X7 and Avid BB5 equipped. Bike weighs 27lbs and is smooth and fast. I really like it.

My 1990 Trek Single Track is a little jealous.
i've been riding MTB since 83 and had a lot of difefrent styled mtbs.
29er bikes is a different beast than 26'', it really depends on the trails you ride in your area.
29er dont work in my area and my style of riding.
Ride a few 26ers and ride a few 29ers in different variations, ie. rigid, front suspension, full. Then decide. You will find that dollar for dollar they are all the major brands are fairly similar component wise.

I've been mtb'ing since 1989 when I bought my first, Specialized Rock hopper, rigid, bent the fork on a jump and installed a Tange Switchblade. Since then I have owned: Mongoose somethig or other, Specialized S-Works M2 (Marzocchi front, full xtr), Moots Mootant (all custom stuff w/Marzocchi up front and a Fox at the rear), Rhygin Juke (Marzocchi front and a mix of XTR and other custom mixed and matched stuff) and my current rig is a Kona Hei-Hei 29 (Fox front and rear, mish mash of everything else).
Yea I took Cannondales RZ 120 2 to Raccoon Mountain and loved it. If I can find one I can afford i'll grab it but i had to move back to MD and no where to ride.
I ride when I can. I dont ride Memorial {Ho Chi Min} anymore. Hurt myself good out there, after riding it a couple yrs. Not as nimble etc as I once was. So in Hou. area to find fun , not flat trails you need to drive about 1 hour to get to Lake Hou. trails, or 1 1/2 to get to Double Lake which is really fun. My 15 yr old likes to ride too, and my wife on occasion. Im more cautious than I used to be, I realize Im breakable. I think the stupidity of youth held on to me for longer than normal, I didnt get it until I smashed a helmet and put a goose egg on the forehead. I have no desire to paralyze myself
I recently bought this Bianchi Nyala for $35.00 and put a basket on it. It has a Chromoly frame. It seems to be better than the Bianchi Timberwolf I had that got stolen. It has 7 sprockets on the back and 3 on the front. It works good going up steep hills. The gears seem to have a wide range. I found these types of bikes work good in the snow, too. Snow biking is pretty fun.



The shifters didn't work too good so I put on another set that I got from Ebay.


Here's a Schwinn Sierra that I got from a thrift store. It has a heavy frame and has a light and generator on it.



I've been using this bike to go to and from the Metro Rail station. I lock it up at the station with a U lock and cable and take the Metro train (subway) to and from work. (see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=19292 )


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