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Dec 21, 2008
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lo cal
ive had this straightbar hangin in the garage for probly 10 years. no plan for it until recently i acquired a very nice hd wheelset from oddjob, thanks Lee!
it then became clear that i must build a klunker, always admired them, never had one. can't wait to hit the local trails and take it off some sweet jumps like chuck did in his f100.

so, mr majestic was born

Klunker build! Perfect idea for using that wheel set. Will be watching this one for sure!
RaT oN~!
got it disassembled, not sure about paint yet, just had to get rid of the white for now.
have some of the parts already, planned to use this crankset, but i want to find one with longer arms, and use a bracket with sealed bearings eventually.
aforementioned wheelset, and the tires that came on the bike, may change the tires too.
Great start !
I'm thinking some knobby tires for your clunker build for sure. And, I have a motocross handlebar from a '70s era dirt bike that would be great on there. I used one for my Mesa Buggie build, and have one on my Desert Sky klunker right now.


Those Schwinn straight bars are a great canvas. Have fun.
Tick tock
tick tock, haha for real. actually been doin some work on it. found a donor bike for the crankset. the sprocket was too large, so i cut it off and made it a spider.

i ended up using the serviceable bearing bracket kit, but will change it out when i figure out what to use. so all that went together pretty well. went to put on the wheelset, and the front bearings sounded like the death grind, so i took it apart to find loose bearings, just like my skateboards in the 70's.


so got it mostly together. the cheng shin tires on the original bike were in ok shape, probly gonna change some components, i like the bars on your klunker build oddjob, if you have another set to sell, i'm interested - that's what i had in mind, btw, i like your mesa buggie build, really nice bike, same color i painted my baja bug. so its almost ready to ride. it's tempting to get some of those nice parts i've seen on some of the other builds, but i'm trying to go with the theme of piecing it together as back in the day.
qc inspecting the progress...
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@uneasy rider , I do have another set of '70s motocross bars in the BACK40, chrome, probably really cap off your nice klunker build you've got going here.

Only thing I would do is remove the reflector from the rear wheel. Too pedestrian for a dirt dweller! :grin:
Keep rolling on
Christmas in September!! Oddjob came through again with the perfect set of og mx bars. just what i have been looking for for some time. and next day shipping no less!! Thank you so much!

had this set of nos grips just waiting for the right build, and this is it.


this bike is really coming together . so excited! now to install this stuff and remove the reflector when mom isn't looking.
Can't wait to see the bars and grips on the bike!
Oh yeah, those bars and grips are gonna be awesome!
got it put together yesterday, had this brooks saddle that seemed to fit the build. very comfortable, these are the best.

waited until today to hit the canyon. 90+temps yesterday with about the same humidity. significantly cooler and dryer today, much better for outdoor activities.


i could not be happier with the ride. very solid riding, great handling bike, it's a beast! oddjob was right, the wider handlebars gave much better control/stability, and the gearing turned out to be just right. other than multiple gearing for the uphills, i think i prefer the ride quality over my mountain bike. it was so fun on the single track trails

only 2 things i would change, and one of them was the mountain bike pedals which i picked up a set of rat traps on my way home from a craigslist ad. probably not as strong, but more correct for the build.

only other improvement i plan is sealed bottom bracket.
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