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I’ve been remodeling my work shop the last two weeks so I haven’t been working on my build off bikes as much. It may not look like I I’ve been remodeling though and I’m still not finished . You never know what you have when you differ putting things in order . I found things I didn’t know I had still. LoL . i did find these Star wheel inserts I knew I had them just didn’t know where they where.
And I found a appropriate speedometer.
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That’s quite a toy collection you got there Sir Tanksalot.

I really don’t remember seeing too many of those drag star style bicycles when I was young. I don’t think they got popular until I was already on my third car. After two motorcycles and three cars I had just lost interest in bicycles completely.

But then I never lived in a neighborhood where parents had the money to buy their kids fancy bicycles. I knew a few kids that had five speed Schwinns, but most of us rode old clunkers.

In the tiny town I lived in in 1970, there was one chopper bike, and I owned it.

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