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love it but up front driver seat should be a white 16" midget shorter banana seat. but way cool looking build.
Trying to find one without spending several hundred dollars. Just put that one on as a temporary because it's the only white seat I've got handy. I may cut down a full size nanner seat later and build a more correct seat someday.
Starting bid:
US $49.99
Schwinn midget as found... needs some clean rips..
decent enough for an original bike...
16" wheel small size Stingrays... 67' and up!


eBay item number:364165523729
what if say you gutted a persons type cruiser type seat. for the hole spring type seat post mount assembly. then like you said earlier cut down the nose of a Banana seat. drill two mounting holes in the rear of pain. to mount all the persons guts. to mimic the mini twin banana seat.

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