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Last minute rush. Despite the 40oC and 90% humidity I spent a little time in the garage.

Mounted a light on the forks using inspiration from above.

Second light on the bars

Inspiration from elsewhere and used a fork I found to hold the brake arm on.

Mounted a ‘tank’ with dials, valve handles and an outlet or two. Along with a vintage bell.

Mounted the mudguards and chain guard after painting. Unfortunately the paint colour looks a bit pink. Didn’t have time to experiment with undercoats to get the right colouring so it’s just over a grey primer. Maybe a yellow or red would improve the copper tone in the paint. Maybe later.

Rear light courtesy of BO13.

Didn’t quite get to the original vision, missing some work on the sissy bar and a bit more copper work.

I’m hoping to get a better finished pic or two tomorrow, but these might have to do.
It seems the copper paint has mellowed a bit with age. Looks a lot less pink now.

Took it down to the bus stop to pick up my kid and the rear cog jumped off on the way back. Scraped toes and bruised knee - not fun, should have had proper shoes on. It had jumped off once before, then did it again while not even under load. Put it back on.

Have sold it on already to make space for the next project. The new owner had troubles with the cog as well so I switched it for another from the parts pile and it seems better now. Putting that cog back on the spare wheel it kept popping off again, so it’s bin (are chainguard) time.