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Jul 4, 2015
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So my original Fatbike project got sidelined for a while so I started on this Frame I had sitting around for a while, It started out with a used rear end I picked up afew months back.

I went thru afew rear end ideas and set ups

Version 1 with a drum brake 7 speed rear end

Disc brake conversion started

Here's the final rear set up, single speed 24 tooth (I think) hydro brakes front and rear

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Also yes the caliper was ground down a little trying to get the 7 speed to work but single speed will be fine for its purpose
I swapped out the cranks for one with a smaller chain ring, It wont be fast but it will pull anything now. Top speed of about 10 to 15 kph is more than enough for what I have planed now I just have to sort out a park brake with the hydro brakes
Started building the wiring harness for the trike, Fully Fused 12v LED system. Very Bright and I will start on the trailer harness when I get it back in my yard
A pic of the wiring set up for anyone interested, I still have to mount the switch somewhere external tho

Also I have to decide between 2 lights

Left is a 5" motorbike one and right is a LED light bar? Whats everyone think?
Mocked up the lights today while I'm waiting on my next ebay shipment

I just used some fender washers and some 5mm rod to mock up where I want the headlight so I can make a better looking mount alot easier and it still has alot of movement to fine tune. And yes I know my seats on crooked :)