My other bike is.... trying to be cool

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Dec 10, 2008
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Pasadena, California, USA
Here is a picture of my other bike, it's a Glacier Point/Magna, as purchased minus the surplus headlight!
I know... not the most glamorous of bikes but it was on sale @ Target!
I bought over ten years ago and has gotten me far but... come on... boring right?

After being on the RRB forums a while, I was really inspired to make something "cool" out
of it so here is the new look!


I added a '70's Pearson saddle, PlanetBike fenders primed flat black, some vintage cruiser bars (flipped), a rear rack...
It's a fun project ...I am going to swap the tires front to back, back to front. I am also gonna paint the rims and
frame once I'm ready to re-cable it.

Here are some shots of the headlight I made using the lens, lens housing and reflector from a military flashlight, and mated it up using AB putty to an acrylic champagne glass section, I pressed the AB putty into the threads (lubed with WD-40 )of the flashlight piece so I can just unscrew it to replace the batteries! I gutted a 'stick and click'
light for the LED bulb/component and used a 3 AAA battery case and wired it to a toggle bought from Radio Shack...


I will have to make some kind of bracket or 'truss' rod for under the headlight and tied to the front axle, 'cuz it's bouncing off the front tire during rougher riding...
HUGE improvement!
Machine gun hanging on the door ? !!!
In that first pic how is that flashlight clipped on? I have 2 or 3 of those laying around from when I was in the Army and I like that idea since I'm working on a military themed bike right now. Oh and nice bike, I love those fenders!
jon said:
Machine gun hanging on the door ? !!!

actually "sub"-machine gun since when do they allow MP-40s in california?
Thanks for all the comments on my 'Poser' bike, guys! this sight is sooooooo inspiring can't get enough!

chris667 said:
1930s mongrel path racer stylee, vast improvement.
Thanks for this one I wanted to get this looking like a '30's, '40's English country side ride! i guess it's working to a certain extent..............
YES.......................! (as Napoleon Dynamite would say it!
hey put mount the machine gun somehow on the handlebars and see what kind reaction you get driving through town :lol: