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Apr 23, 2007
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Independence Mo.
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As you all know I just bought my bike shop. I have worked here since 1975 as a 13 year old kid cleaning up. Jack the previous owner passed away last Feb. and I finalized buying the place from his kids on july 26th. Since then I have been remodeling the place, A new roof, new furnances and central air, new electrical, and now a facelift.








Its still not done, but rome wasn't built in a day.LOL
I agree. I love the building. It screams history. The improvements to the facia are tasteful and well done. Great work!
nice goin, it can be rough tryin to remodel older buildings but well worth it in my opinion, you cant recreate that kinda character.
Nice! Yer livin the dream man. It makes me wanna buy somethin from ya. If I have a choice between Performance Bicycle or a shop like yours I'll spend my dough at the Mom and Pop every time. Best of luck to you.
Thanks everyone, Yes we are going to reuse the white letters, we are going to put them around the arch of the window. The building was built in the early 1890s and was a livery stable and the provost marshalls office. Independence was the start of the three trails, the oregon, the california, and the santa fe trails. the provost marshalls job was to check all the wagons to make sure they had all the provisions needed before they could head out on the trails. It has also been a grocery store, a church, a rubber supply company, a tv repair shop, and a bicycle shop since 1972.We are a long way from being done but it is coming.
The building looks great. Way back in high school about 1973, I participated in an FFA mechanics contest held at the Fort Osage Vo-Tec school near there. I got to eat a steak at the Golden Ox restuarant. We stayed down town at the Hotel Mulibach. Not sure of the spelling of the hotel. I've always wanted to return to the KC area. Good luck in your business!!! Thanks!!!
Looks great! But does that sign say "No Entry please use other door"? I hope that is only temporary. That store front is too nice not to use.
Thats temporary, the glass company installed tinted glass thats too dark and also ordered the wrong door closer so we aren't opening it until they put the right glass and opener in.
beautiful shop

i remember passing through Independence back in the 70s, on a cross-country road trip with my parents. we went to the harry truman museum. if i ever make it out there again, i'll be sure to stop byh.

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