Name this frame and fork 26in

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Sep 2, 2014
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San Diego CA
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Not sure what this frame and fork is picked it up locally looks like it’s been painted with house paint but has some cool style. Initially I thought it was something like a AMF but not sure. Anyone?


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You are correct! Not sure on the numbers. Where is the serial on the frame? There’s some pretty thick house paint on it so I can’t see anything but maybe I’ll try to remove the pint later today and find it.
I don't have a lot of info on Colson numbers. I'll do some research to see if I can find something reliable. Usually the numbers on the prewar bikes are on the BB. It would be great if the original paint was under the house paint.
Here's an example of a 1941 Colson serial number. Above the main set of numbers may be a letter and digit. The letter is month, here it is the 5th letter E, 5th month is May. The digit is last digit of year, here showing 1 for 1941.


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