Need name for my Walmart fixie

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Jul 1, 2010
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Roanoke Rapids, NC
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Back in december I bought a Mongoose Cachet from Walmart. Had one shipped site-to-store so that I could put it together instead of the Walmart employee. When I put it on my bike stand I spun off the freewheel, which wasn't even screwed all the way onto the hub (I guess they thought the chain would finish the job) and put on a 13t fixed cog on the other side with the lock ring that came on the bike.

Next I took off the rear brake, chain guard, reflectors, and started removing the decals. They left a sticky mess, so I got my Goof-Off to remove the residue. It wasn't cutting the sticky, so I left some soaking on the downtube on a rag, came back later and it had removed the paint. :x

So I cleaned off that patch and got off the rest of the decal residue with Goo Gone spray on gel (I highly recommend).

I've been riding it a couple weeks with the bare aluminum on the downtube. I plan to "patch" paint it up with a big white block with white border stripes, and I want to put a name in the middle. I don't want to badge the bike as something it's not, I just want to do something funny or thought provoking. I don't take myself seriously and just want maybe something to get a laugh or a puzzled look.

I'm a youth pastor and ride the bike into work, so it MUST be clean. So far the only inside funny I have thought about is to put "Like A Boss" on it. It could illude to cheap China/Walmart bikes or the perception of "hipsters" or whatever, I don't want to be offensive.

Here's the bike with bare aluminum, crappy phone pics:

so now that it's missing that area of paint, are you going to do a panel paint job?
ifitsfreeitsforme said:
so now that it's missing that area of paint, are you going to do a panel paint job?

I plan to do it up like this, don't know if this is a panel paint job, but sounds right:


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