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Aug 2, 2007
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hey there - new member and not sure where to look at. Ill post a pic of my new rat tomorrow - but I am dedoing my mtb to look as goth-punk as humanly possible. The problem I have is finding a light worthy. I have seen retro lights at the local lowrider bike store, but Im looking for something more unusual. something skull like or rockabilly (ie flames or pinstriping) would work too. Other than customizing the part myself ( which I guess I can do) does anyone know of an ultra cool lighting system?

I have mainly worked on scooters before - to give you an idea as to the direction I am heading, this is what I did to my cheap chinese scooter...


thanks for any help you can give or diections you can point me

also any accessories ie mirrors, pedals, racks, etc would be helpful too.
sorry - got rude in my excitement to finally ask a question

terribly sorry - I did not introduce myself properly - just getting into the bicycling scene in Denver, and particularly enjoy spending time on my Trek 800 singletrack which I am trying my hardest to turn into a work of art as well. I was going to take pictures of it tonight, but unfortunately I had problems trying to fill my spokes with little skull beads - and completely misaligned both my wheels. So the bike is at a local shop getting the rims trued. Hopefully, it will be all good by Tuesday and I can share what I have done with it so far...
Thanks for all the kudos on the scooter. unfortunately underneath it all its still a cheap mostly-always-broken Chinese scooter. Sort of like trying to build a supercool ratrod from 2 old Huffys and a can of mauve housepaint. You can do it, but you have to be much more creative....
anyhow - nice to find this boards and meet all you helpful and knowledgeable gentlemen (and ladies?)

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