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May 18, 2020
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This bike was going to be a quick and dirty build this past winter but I got way too busy to finish it. What we have here is a 1945 Huffman frame mated to a 1957 Roadmaster (shockmaster) fork. The fork came from a womens frame and I cut it down and threaded it to fit a mens frame. And that is where the project stopped. It has been in bare metal in the trunk of my beater work car since January and I haven't gazed upon it since, so I'm going to find out tonight if my trunk seal is good.

The plan is......... no plan; whatever happens, happens.

The fork goes great with the frame. Especially in bare metal, I love them bare metal builds. Are you leaving them like this or do you plan to paint them?
I haven't really made any decisions about it yet. I first want to try a few mock ups with different parts in my stash and try to get an idea of how the finished bike could look. Tonight I will bring the frame & fork out of storage for some staring at it time, to get an idea of how it can evolve. I have a self imposed rule that 92% or more of this build has to come from what I already have on hand.
Great flow going on with that combo!
I found this photo of a roller mock up I did last winter. I built the wheel set for my Firestone Super Cruiser so they won't be used on this build. The high flange hub looks spiffy with the fork and I'm pretty sure I have another one in my bins, Lots of clearance under the BB, this would make a great klunker frame. The wheel base looks shorter to me than the bare frame implies, optical delusion maybe? The lay back of the seat and head tubes is perfect, me likey. I've been working on an indoor workshop ( heat! AC! ) so I'll bring it in there this weekend and set it up on a different set of wheels and start tossing my bin parts at it.

Dang, I was one notch away from becoming page two news. You have to step lively around here!

So today I started moving my build to my indoor workspace. I dug out my crate O' stuff that didn't happen in my build off from last year (thanks corporate America!). First mock up is with my spare set of Monark deep fenders. They are on there real loose just to get an idea of the vibe, but they would be an almost direct bolt up. Hmmmm, going to have to stew on it a bit. I have a set of peaked fenders waiting in the wings for their turn.

Agreed and agreed. The rack is banished from the build.

I think I'm going to keep this wheelset on this build and whip up something different for the Super Cruiser, I might put the Super Cruiser into reserve for next years build off anyway.

Todays chore is digging through my cranks and sprockets to set up a good cruising ratio (and stunning good looks). After that, I can set up the fender stay and chainguard lines.
Spent a little time this morning trying out some other junk I have laying around. A goal I have set for myself is to just use parts from my stash. If I can get this build done with buying nothing more than some rattle can paint and a fresh tub of bearing grease then I done real good.

First up is a lucky 7 seatpost and a really boring white seat. I added a crash rail but it needs to go away. I have couple wimmins long spring seats that might get their sproingy parts added to this seat.

Next up are the bars and stem. Stem is a low rate vintage BMX part but it's red so how can I say no to it? Bars are from a 1989 SeaDoo personal water craft. They are heavy wall stainless with some deep knurling. The grips are grips and they are red. These parts will stay.

Next next up I swapped out the wheels for a different other set. They need to be ratified and probably will stay.

Next next next up I swapped out the sheet metal for a set of peaked fenders and a big honkin chain guard. I could maybe punch this tin chock full of dimpled speed holes to get it looking proper and add an element of making more work for myself.

'Nuff prattling, I took some pictures! 🛠️

And one more. This time with the fat fenders and big honking chain guard. I'm liking this.

The Higgins external braces and chain guard in the first mock up is definitely cool *but* they would require a whole bunch of work to make them fit right and much like a SA 3 three speed with a broken indicator chain, I'm pretty shiftless.


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