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Nov 4, 2009
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CT Shoreline
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We at NERRB have a sad announcement ,ZygoteLittle has passed away.Jose Torres was the kindest gentlest man you may have ever rode with. He would travel 3 plus hours to ride a few miles with his club.
While we had to hit every pub and brewery on the trail , he would be content with another lemonade.
He was is so articulate and intelligent explaining each part of the bike to us or strangers. We hope all of yous on this site will remember him for his deep commitment to bikes, friendship and peace.
I have a notion he will explain the wonders of Heaven to us somehow as that is certainly where he’s riding his creations now. Ride In Peace,Brother
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Very sad to hear this news.

Sad to hear this, I havent heen around you guys for awhile but did enjoy many rides with Jose. He will he missed.
Wow, can’t believe it! Very sad!! He was truly a great guy always positive and willing to help anyone out. He gave me a few good “dad talks” about advice for having a successful life nearly every time we hung out. You’ll be missed Jose :(
i just recently heard of jose,s passing and let me offer my condolences he was one of the people that first drew me to this site and had some really creative design ideas with his builds RIP amigo
please forgive my very late chiming-in here with my sadness at hearing of Jose's passing. I don't frequent this forum like I used to, or ride with the NERRBs lately (parenthood), but I think my signature speaks sufficiently for my feelings and respect for the man. His childhood NYC cycling stories were bar-none. He is missed for sure.

Hope to see you all soon.
I haven't frequented this site in a very long time...My heart is tearfully broken...Jose was an extremely intelligent man, that never looked down on anybody...I imagine he's joyfully looking down on us all now.

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