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Dec 7, 2007
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While at the Dudley show today, a few of us got to discussing possible rides and/or events this year. We thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where we can put ideas and also keep a list of dates that are already set. Let's see how it goes.

So far, these are the events with set dates that I know about:

April 19h - Freeze you but off in Northampton - Link Here:

May 31st - Live Free of Die Ride - Manchester, NH - Link Here:”-ride-manchester-nh-sunday-may-31st.91698/

June 20th
(Rain date June 21st) - Fitchburg Rides Event - Not a Rat Rod specific event, but a good time!

August 9th - August 15th - Week in Peaks Island - Link Here:
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Now some ideas.

- Ride in Manchester, NH. Great city with a main drag that has tons of bars, pubs, and places to go. Plenty of parking.

- Ride in Boston, Mass. It's Boston, the idea speaks for itself but for some reason, it never seems to get off the ground.

- Our summer Northampton ride. This needs to happen.

- Ramblewild outdoor adventure park. Zip lines and running around in the woods. This idea is from Kimmy, but I'm all in on this one! No bikes required.
Thanks Dan, for starting this thread! :thumbsup:

June 11-19 is motorcycle week in Laconia. I have ridden into this a few times and it's always good.

Let’s do this – in years past we’ve started a discussion on this idea, let’s apply it this year. Where would be the Meet-Up Place and Meet-Up Time? :cool:
If we want to ride in there are a bunch of places to start from. Better to meet on the Laconia side of things then we could also go down the road to the Train Station and have a burrito
The 2nd Annual Mrs. Murphy's Donuts Ride starting in Simsbury, CT up to Southwick, MA will occur one weekend in August. This is a 30 mile ride so an iron butt is a must! :113:
Walker, I can add the Laconia date to the top post and include a link to the thread when you start it.

I'm thinking this particular thread will be good to bounce ideas around before starting an individual thread for a ride. Once a ride is tentatively set, then I can add it to the top post. Does make sense to you guys? This will just give us a quick reference of all the rides/events we plan for this year.
How do you guys feel about tentatively scheduling the Northampton Nightlife Ride for a Saturday night in June, say the 2nd or 3rd weekend?
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Now some ideas.

- Ride in Manchester, NH. Great city with a main drag that has tons of bars, pubs, and places to go. Plenty of parking.

How about if we tentatively schedule a ride for Sunday May, 17th?

Dan, can you spearhead the ride – we’ll work together on this, because you know where parking is and some of the sites for us to ride to.
End of month, 31st better for me.
What say you all?...Stevil
I'm alright with that, Steve.

Let’s try to have at least one ride per month.
Anyone up for a Sunday Boston ride in the near/not too far distant future?
We talked about a Cape Cod Canal Ride for the fall (late September to late October - let me qualify this, it isn't going to be a month long ride on the canal) ;)

We will meet in Bourne, MA, details to follow, let's start a conversation so that we can have a consensus on the date; Meet-Up Time will be 10AM
This Summer seems like it will last til Nov.
Beautiful. So how bout that Boston ride
In Oct,(after my next 5 weekends of camping) ? Stickit,plan something and
let's see what can happen,what say ye?

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