New guy's winter project... build off material???

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Dec 1, 2013
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St. Pete, FL
Well first actual post except for a "wanted" post... so hope I have the pic insert correct?
Not so sure this will qualify as a "Rat Bike" but, been wanting to do a board track cruiser bike for awhile, so I finally took the plunge...
Starting with this:

...and currently here:

I'm planning on doing the tank from scratch, going the styrofoam mold and fiberglass cloth, for which I've already had set back #1. Plan was to lay some of the fiberglass work on Xmas day before I went out. Living in an apartment kind'a limited by space so I was setting up outside, and it was a bit breezy. While working the Styrofoam mold to put a channel in for reinforcement the breeze picked up the side I wasn't working on... well you know how that story ends! New molds in the works...

I was hoping to do a drop style kick stand, but since it's one of those thru the frame units (and it really works nicely) decided it was gonna be cost prohibitive considering it's my first project... so going with a rechrome.

Pretty much have everything in hand, except for my blast guy who's moving to a new shop (ready next week), and trying to find a stem that I like (that's the right size). Found a couple on Ebay, but what is up with these people? "Oh it's old, it must ne worth $35...", but then they don't know anything else about it, no sizes and can't figure out how to get them. "Well it fits most bikes...", so you'll refund my money when it doesn't fit right? "No, I don't do refunds."... Sorry, Ebay gets my gnards in a knot sometimes:headbang:

The grand scheme is to emulate an Indian Board track racer, so all black sans the usual chrome stuff. Plan on mounting a rear seat support form the rear stays to the seat springs, and hoping I can knock that seat post mount a bit farther towards the front. Haven't really decided on a grip, so any suggestions?

Hope everybody's having a great holidays,

Mike G
Welcome Mike, boardtrackers are cool, someday I'm gonna build me one too. Don't forget about the for sale thread here, stems come up often. Good luck on yer build, I'll see you at the finish line.

I like this bike a lot so far
Latest status, blast guy's in his new shop this week:thumbsup:. Shopping some chrome plating prices for the bars and kickstand. Tank (new one, that's the remnant of the original mold) still in the works. Decided to add a faux oil tank (the blue thing!) with a hinged side, small storage area. Got the bottom bracket, crank (shortened 3 1/2"), and pedals all in hand. And last, ordered Eastwood's 2K gloss black... Looking forward to seeing how this stuff goes, it's catalyzed for a harder finish... which sound just about right for a bike project. Planning in sinking that stem a bit deeper after I get the fork tube trimmed down a smidge.

Further mock up pics...

Wanted to see just how old it's gonna look...

Hope everybody had a great new year... and is staying warm (It's even cold in FLA!),

Mike G
Nice job so far:thumbsup:... If you don't want to make multiples of the tank try some HDU sign board, your local sign shop that does fancy signs might have some drops you could buy, and it is perfect for your application...Its full name is high density urethane foam board. It can be painted and finished with bondo, etc, good stuff for tank replicas. If you really wanted to mold several tanks you could pull a mold off the finished tank.

I'd be interested in hearing what sort of chrome pricing you got.
Well Ok, here's the update...
I just got a call from my blast guy, frames is blasted getting it tomorrow, quick wipe down then primer.
The tanks been on hold since the frame wasn't here... and it's been on the windy side lately (tryin' to avoid the Xmas day debacle).

As far as chrome goes, the one quote I got was a $100, but this is one of those shops that's on the up and up and doing show level chrome. I figure I can probably get done for a bit less... however, I recently obtained a pair of Bellevue bars, which is what I wanted to go with originally. Any ways, these are in really nice condition and won't require a visit to the plate shop. I'm thinking the Torrington's will end up going there sooner or later regardless.

Right now (well after I pick up the frame) I'll have everything I need on hand (sans the tank), I want to wait until I at least make a full effort on the tank before I paint anything. I'm using Eastman's 2K hi gloss black, which is a catalyzed two part paint (in a rattle can!!!) and should give a pretty hard finish... only problem is it has a 48 hour shelf life once the catalyst is activated. The other thing I need to work out is I'm doing a rear seat support mounted to the rear stays, it's more of an aesthetic look than anything cause I won't be able to get the seat post as far forward as I'd like... seems all the pics of actual board track racers were running a seat config like that. Printed up the Indian logos in gold metallic on the ALPS, and that usually get's me hyper jazzed on a project when the decals work out, so we should be seeing some progress.

That's about it for now...
If you don't see one you like, Chad will custom fab one exactly like you want it. I have 5 or 6 of his posts so far. They are bullet/bomb proof! Solid steel or even stainless.
Well, unfortunately I don't think this is gonna make the Mar 1st deadline:(
But making slow progress, finally got around to putting down some glass... and I don't mind saying, it's a bit of a PITA! I just shelled the tank halves a little while ago, still a good bit of work to do on them. I already have plans to reinforce both halves on the inside, build up areas where I'll be tapping for the strap mounts... and then I still have to join the two halves.
That little faux oil tank is turning out to be an even bigger PITA than the gas tank. still have to glass the other half.
Then on top of everything else, got everything ready to go today and then the wind whips up... good thing none of the neighbors weren't home, I think I created a few new swear words, blowing the cloth all over the place, blowing the drop cloth over the top of the stuff, just a really ugly scene.
And now I'm all freak'n itchy!
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