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Sep 14, 2013
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Bradley Illinoiz

Went for a little ride today...
cHOP sPASM.jpg

Chopped up a couple of earlier builds. The red stretch was Muscle Spasm and the drive on it was superb so I used the complete rear half.
Dead Metal was cut and recut plus tubing from some other random boneyard bikes to create the front half of NODOR. I had to save the skull "Head" badge. Hmm there's a door in the background of that stretch pic and the skull pic, that's kinda random...

This bike will continue to evolve as do all of my builds. This is just a fixed point in time, a moment to be judged. I didn't see the need to remove the cabling that I meticulously laced together to form an umbilical if you will to attach to the door and control the powered wheel (DoorK) and work goes on for the removable part of the wheel housing on the door. I'm confident placing the powered wheel "in" the door will solve the balance problems I had with the subframe. I also need to source either a battery or battery parts to build my own economical one. I've given myself another deadline or goal if you will. The Chicago Taildraggers usually have a Halloween Ride and I'm hoping I can ride this with the door attached. (DoorK)

I like the tricky new name.... clever.

This def looks like a Halloween Ride rider for sure. Looking forward to the opening of 'the door'.
The color of the patina on the tank is amazing! Reminds me of mood ring type toys we used to have growing up in the 60's-70's.
Dupli-Color Effex clear coat is awesome.