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Stinky Old Fish
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Apr 20, 2022
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The Sunny SanJoaquin
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The Brian Wind Trainer.

Roadside junk.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this. Maybe turn it into a bike stand.

This is for somebody that maybe wants to cycle in the house because it’s 110 F or -40 F outdoors.

Edit: I mistakenly called this the “air” trainer but it is the wind trainer.
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Wow. I had one of those in the 80s before I switched to riding rollers in the winter.
My wife is afraid to get out on the road after her fall, and so I thought I might set her up to do some stationary cycling.

But when I tried to set this up I find that it makes the bike sit very high. Also it interferes with the cable routing on her bicycle, so I decided not to use it.

This all went together easily, but I had to make a small adapter. This black bit was an accessory anchor for a swimming pool fence, before I shortened it.

It bolts to the frame with a normal kickstand clamp on top.

The worst thing about the set up is you cannot adjust the resistance on the fly. That’s ridiculous and it needs to have a hinge that will allow you to do so.

This is sturdy enough for my wife but it’s a little bit flimsy for me. Fortunately I can ride the big bicycle without falling off. :)